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In the watercolour, I play with light and shadow as in photography
and with the diffuse and distinct, which is precisely possible with
the pigments sailing over wet surfaces.

In the “Morliller" series, you can see my fascination with older women,

with whom I have a clear identification!
I notice older women everywhere and think its exciting to picture
us as we move now: Difficulty walking, stooped, ... still active,
albeit at a reduced pace, thoughtful, settled, waiting...
My other motifs are the Nordic nature and all forms of life in it:
fauna, flora, people and phenomena, often in fabulous abstractions.

In the visual arts, there has always been a great interest in
depicting younger and mature women, but although women
generally live longer than men, you dont see many portraits of
older women.
It may seem paradoxical that at the same time as we can
experience greater existential peace and fulfillment with age, most
of us have a negative relationship with the physical signs of aging.
When I focus on older women with my camera, I am met with an
incredible amount of embarrassment and almost shame about
wrinkles, turkey necks, sagging skin bags and lines.
It probably has something to do with the influence of our cultures
youth worship, which for many women means that we dont just
put on younger and prettier faces, but even have surgical
procedures and fillers injected to remove the age-revealing traces.
And then, in reality, it is these traces that are so exciting to
discover, and which show who we have actually become.

I focus here on these tracks and lines, which tell something about
the life we ​​have lived.

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